Friday, May 7, 2010

girls just wanna have fun

My bachelorette party was April 24th and what a good time it was!

Oh what great friends I have from every part of my life...sorority sisters, roomies, pommies, family...all showed up with their party pants on to celebrate my bachelorettness!

We had dinner, opened lingerie (ooh la la), and had a wonderful girls night out on the town.

Of couse the night would not be complete without a little pom moves from the past :)
It was such a fun bridesmaids worked so hard to make it perfect. Thank you girls. Love you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

quick wedding updates

The weeks are flying by and we are checking things off of our wedding "to do" list:
engagement pictures-check; blog (for a sneak peak) she is absolutely wonderful.

bridal portraits- check

bachelorette party-check (okay thats not really a "to do" but it happened and was a blast!)

invitations picked up and ready to be mailed-check

dress is altered and in-check

so excited to become Mrs. Bailey that my heart is at a constant pitter-patter-check

two months and counting...

It has been quite some time since my last post.

Two months, exactly.

Alot has happened in the past two months...

weddin' planning...


and showering...

So far, we have been blessed with 2 wonderful wedding showers.

Both were in Mountain Home-Reece's roots-and let me tell you folks, Mountain Home knows how to "shower"

One at the Deweys...

hosted by these lovely ladies {jen, bekah, allyson & elizabeth}

and these little lovelies as well {leah, lauren, & libby}

So glad my family was there to celebrate {aunt janny, nana, & mom}


We recieved countless thoughtful gifts...the most practical coming from his cousin Liz-a basket filled with cleaning supplies-you laugh, but we have already put them to use quite a bit!

We also had a shower at his church. It was very special to meet and celebrate with so many people that have watched him grow up!

The wedding showers were wonderful-such a special memory. Thank you everyone who came!