Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not-so-busy Saturday

I had planned to get a large portion of my homework completed today...I even made one of my trademark lists with sections labeled "Saturday" & "Sunday"...but it just did not happen.
I decided to work on my assignments at my favorite homework location: Barnes & Noble. I arrived at 11:30 rearin' to go. I found a table, bought a latte, and sat down my brightly printed bags...and then I spotted the new US Weekly. 20 minutes later, I started my homework. I had typed oh I don't know 1 page and my best friend Megan walked in. Megs and I were on Pom together. Now she lives in Kansas City. Megan got married in November and I hadn't seen her since her wedding. So naturally, we had ALOT of catching up to do! I really enjoyed seeing her (and her husband Seth).
After they left I decided to make a quick lap around the store...30 minutes later I sat back down at the coffee shop ready to get busy.
It was now 1:30. "I wonder what Reece is doing," I thought...lets give him a call. I wonder what Mom is up to? "I'll call her too." I thought to myself.
1:45 o'clock...seriously Brooke HOMEWORK TIME! I worked on some very important assessment data until 2:30.
At this point I decided that a Target trip was just what I "needed."
Oh brother...After leaving Target I went home to do laundry. Then Wal-mart for groceries, Reece's apartment for dinner (box dinner from Macaroni Grill - I'm quite the domestic diva), and now I'm blogging and surfing the net...but I know there is something that I'm supposed to be doing right now...what was it? Oh yea! HOMEWORK...its going to be a busy Sunday afternoon!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Lets just be honest, I really look forward to Fridays. Don't get me wrong, I love my internship and coaching...but by Friday I am just darn near pooped. My Fridays always start off in the school cafeteria at 7:30. It's my duty day. It may be the best duty in the whole, entire school. I get to get on the microphone and say, "Okay Wildcats, lets clear the dancefloooooor!" then the children scoot their backpacks to the rear of the cafeteria and we all do either the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, or the YMCA. Talk about fun! It's definetely the closet I will ever get to being a pop star/celebrity. I totally love it.

Fridays usually follow the same daily routine. But for some reason Friday afternoons just feel so stinkin good. At 3:15 on the dot I'm free like a bird out of a cage. I just love the weekends. I look forward to all of the endless possibilities in store...maybe I'll go to the mall? Maybe I'll go to Barnes and Noble? T.J. Maxx? Dinner with friends? With Reece? Oh the possibilities.

This Friday, however, I will be at the Northwest Arkansas Mall from 6-8. No, I will not be is "Baseball Day at the Mall." For all of you who aren't baseball fans, this is fan day for Razorback Baseball. You should see the crowds that surround center court! People line up to get an autograph and picture of the team, coaches, and duh...the R.B.I. Girls. For those of you who live under a rock, the R.B.I. girls are the pom squad that performs on the dugouts at the Razorback Baseball games. They perform at each game and are a crowd favorite. Everyone is really excited about baseball season starting. As usual I'll be busy...38 home games! Maybe I'll find time for homework...maybe : (

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Lauren

Reece's cousin, Lauren, had surgery at Arkansas Children's hospital this morning. The surgery went well and she is recovering as we speak. Rumor has it she is even watching t.v. and disappointed with the lack of video game equipment in her room. Oh Laureny!

Lauren is a very precious six-year-old. She is beautiful, talented, and a joy to be around. Lauren's sweet disposition is contagious. She makes everyone around her smile. Keep Lauren and her family in your thoughts and prayers. I think we can all learn something from this brave little girl.

Oh to be 5 again...

So I told you that I am a student teacher/intern at a local elementary school. Well I am currently in a kindergarten classroom. I love every minute of it. Five and six year-olds are the most precious, imaginative, free-spirited people I've ever met. Not to mention is like Comedy Central all day long. My mentor teacher and I literally have bite our lips to keep from laughing. You can't laugh at would crush their sweet, little hearts.
But today, I couldn't help myself.
One of my little boys was a little naughty during rest time (the children have a 30 minute nap each day and they have to either sleep or "pretend" to sleep). Let me set the stage for you...the lights are out and I am sitting close to his rest mat, working on school papers. I hear grunting and struggling along with, "Miss Paaaaalmer...Miss Paaaaalmer...heeeeelp mee. I'm stuuuuuuck." I look up from my papers and see the most unusual sight. The little boy has taken off his shoes and stuck his bare feet through the sleeves of his coat. Apparently this was uncomfortable because now he cannot get his feet out. Being the mean ol' teacher I am (not) I choose to ignore his cries for help. I think to myself, "you've got yourself in this mess you little stinker, now get yourself out." But he was resilant. He was not going to stop saying my name until I helped him. "Miss Paaaaaaalmer, Miss Paaaaaalmer, uh uh uh grrrrr heeeeeellp meeee." So I give in. As I get up and move closer I can see just how funny he looks. I can't help but laugh. I said, "You know, I'm not sure this was a smart choice, was it?" He replied in a whisper voice," I had absolutely NO IDEA this would happen!!" Talk about funny. You gotta love those little stinkers. They make my day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Busy" in class...

Wow! I can't believe I've jumped on the Blog bandwagon! I have read blogs for quite some time and always wanted one...but could not think of an catchy, can't-wait-to-read title. "Brooke's World" - too generic. "The life of Brooke" - am I dead? "The story of Brooke" - Booooring.

Then, like a lightbulb, it came to be...

But before that, let me tell you a little about myself.

I've lived in Arkansas my entire life. At the center of my universe was my love for dance. Growing up it was my everything. This eventually led me to the University of Arkansas. I was on the Razorback Pom Squad for 4 years. Amazingly, this led me to my current job, Dance coach. Thats right I coach the pretty girls you see on the sidelines. I also get to attend every, single Razorback athletic event. A fun, but daunting task. Also, I am in graduate school recieving a Masters in Teaching elementary students. During the week I am a student teacher at a local elementary school. As soon as the last bell rings, I head to pom practice. I have a great set of friends that I love to spend time with. Best of all, I have a wonderful boyfriend of two years, named Reece. So naturally, I love to hang out with him too. But all of of this adds up to a busy schedule...hence the name: Busy "B"

Yes, I am busy...not alot of spare time...but I wouldn't change for anything. I love my life!