Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not-so-busy Saturday

I had planned to get a large portion of my homework completed today...I even made one of my trademark lists with sections labeled "Saturday" & "Sunday"...but it just did not happen.
I decided to work on my assignments at my favorite homework location: Barnes & Noble. I arrived at 11:30 rearin' to go. I found a table, bought a latte, and sat down my brightly printed bags...and then I spotted the new US Weekly. 20 minutes later, I started my homework. I had typed oh I don't know 1 page and my best friend Megan walked in. Megs and I were on Pom together. Now she lives in Kansas City. Megan got married in November and I hadn't seen her since her wedding. So naturally, we had ALOT of catching up to do! I really enjoyed seeing her (and her husband Seth).
After they left I decided to make a quick lap around the store...30 minutes later I sat back down at the coffee shop ready to get busy.
It was now 1:30. "I wonder what Reece is doing," I thought...lets give him a call. I wonder what Mom is up to? "I'll call her too." I thought to myself.
1:45 o'clock...seriously Brooke HOMEWORK TIME! I worked on some very important assessment data until 2:30.
At this point I decided that a Target trip was just what I "needed."
Oh brother...After leaving Target I went home to do laundry. Then Wal-mart for groceries, Reece's apartment for dinner (box dinner from Macaroni Grill - I'm quite the domestic diva), and now I'm blogging and surfing the net...but I know there is something that I'm supposed to be doing right now...what was it? Oh yea! HOMEWORK...its going to be a busy Sunday afternoon!

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