Friday, July 3, 2009


Donna, Me, & Jamie 2006

Recently, I moved into a new apartment. With this move came the end of an era. You see I lived with two of my best friends for four years. Yes, you heard right, FOUR years. Almost unheard of in the girl world. Our friendship began during freshman year when we all pledged the same sorority and became "baby angels." We all had separate lives that year...I knew Jamie, and Jamie knew Donna...but when we moved into the house sophomore year our friendship took off immediately. Inseparable from day 1. Oh boy did I have fun with those girls. Our sophomore year was one of a kind. Wonderful memories that are bringing a smile to my face even as I am typing. It only got better when we moved into our very own apartment the following year. What big girls we were...and what a family we had become. We lived at the apartment on Mount Comfort for three years. I have experienced so much with these girls: joy, laughter, tears, firsts, birthdays, trips...oh I could go on and on. Jamie and I can rap the entire "Grillz" song...I'll never forget my first date with Reece...Donna called and said, "If you are having a good time say the word, octopus." so of course I said octopus in the middle of our funny. I love these girls with all of my heart. I cherish the multitude of memories and I am very excited to see what the future has in store for all of matter what these girls will always be my roomies. "Lizards for life. Love ya. bye."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Darby!

Today, my baby brother is 20 years old. I can hardly believe it! He has always been such a sweet boy. Story is that I begged and begged for a little brother. A sister just wouldn't do...I wanted a "bubby." On this day, 20 years ago, my wish came true. And don't you know I let him know who was boss from the moment I met him...I pinched his little nose. Well I had "to see if he was real!" :) Always a good sport, he has been dressed in tutus, chauffered me in my Barbie car, and been my ballet partner (lifted like the real ballerinas don't you know)...

Now he is a football player at Harding University and I couldn't be prouder. I am amazed and humbled by the man he has become. But...he will always be my little bubby.

Start spreadin' the news...

This post is about a month late...I've been quite the lazy blogger

In June, Mom and I went on a wonderful trip to NYC. She was honored as a Scholastic Art Teacher of the Year. The only one from the State, thank ya very much. She received a nice gold medal and took a bow on stage at Carnegie Hall.

Our week was filled with shows, art, eating, and shopping...all of our favorite things.

We saw 9 to 5, Guys and Dolls, In the Heights, and a ballet by American Ballet Theatre. I channelled my past life as a ballerina and couldn't help from posing a little...

Mom couldn't help herself either...

I may have had WAY too much fun at the Scholastic Book Store in SOHO. Of course I went on vacation and bought what else...but children's books and puppets. yikes! haha.One of the best parts of our trip was a question and answer session with up and coming fashion designer Zac Posen. He was a former Scholastic Art & Writing Award winner. We met him at the Museum of Art & Design...I was blown away by his genius, eloquent vocabulary, and passion for his field. It was a truly memorable experience.

What a great week!