Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy "Balentime's" Day

Whoa! What a week it has been! Honestly, I don't even know where it went!
On Thursday, my school celebrated Valentine's Day. Let me tell you something...if you can survive an elementary Valentine party, well you can survive just about anything. Every child brought Valentines for the class. The poor little ones can't read very well yet. So that's 20 little ones x 20 Valentines that someone has to read to them = one pooped intern. Not to mention I woke up with LARENGITUS the day of the party. "Not on party day!" I thought. The children didn't quite understand what was wrong with me..."Why do you sound so...wierd Miss Palmer?" "You lost your voice...where did it go?" I even overheard two children having a conversation about my lack-of-voice problem "I can't hear anything Miss Palmer is saying, can you?"
Celebrating with the little ones made me appreciate the holiday. They were so excited to get each and every Valentine. I saw several kids run and hug each other after they figured out who they were from. ("Miss Palmer what this say?" Miss Palmer: "Honey that says you are one cool transformer!) Reading the cards FROM the children was a big treat as well.
Now it is Saturday, the day of love. I still do not have a voice, but that is not going to stop me from celebrating! There is a home basketball game today at 12. After that, my boyfriend is taking me to paint pottery at Different Stokes. I am so excited! Then later we are going out for a romantic dinner oooo la la! It's going to be a great day, even though I don't have a voice. That might make for an especially good day for my boyfriend...haha. The picture I am posting is a journal drawing by one of my students. He drew himself giving me a "Balentime"...precious.
Happy Balentimes Day everybody!


  1. Hey Brookie! I love reading your posts...and miss you!!!!!