Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh to be 5 again...

So I told you that I am a student teacher/intern at a local elementary school. Well I am currently in a kindergarten classroom. I love every minute of it. Five and six year-olds are the most precious, imaginative, free-spirited people I've ever met. Not to mention is like Comedy Central all day long. My mentor teacher and I literally have bite our lips to keep from laughing. You can't laugh at them...it would crush their sweet, little hearts.
But today, I couldn't help myself.
One of my little boys was a little naughty during rest time (the children have a 30 minute nap each day and they have to either sleep or "pretend" to sleep). Let me set the stage for you...the lights are out and I am sitting close to his rest mat, working on school papers. I hear grunting and struggling along with, "Miss Paaaaalmer...Miss Paaaaalmer...heeeeelp mee. I'm stuuuuuuck." I look up from my papers and see the most unusual sight. The little boy has taken off his shoes and stuck his bare feet through the sleeves of his coat. Apparently this was uncomfortable because now he cannot get his feet out. Being the mean ol' teacher I am (not) I choose to ignore his cries for help. I think to myself, "you've got yourself in this mess you little stinker, now get yourself out." But he was resilant. He was not going to stop saying my name until I helped him. "Miss Paaaaaaalmer, Miss Paaaaaalmer, uh uh uh grrrrr heeeeeellp meeee." So I give in. As I get up and move closer I can see just how funny he looks. I can't help but laugh. I said, "You know, I'm not sure this was a smart choice, was it?" He replied in a whisper voice," I had absolutely NO IDEA this would happen!!" Talk about funny. You gotta love those little stinkers. They make my day.

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