Saturday, January 9, 2010

a very "Fayetteville" wedding

Friends and family have asked or may be wondering why we decided to get married at Carnell Hall. Sure, it is a beautiful building...but its more than that to me.

As I dreamed (...and dreamed) and Reece and I discussed getting married we were without a doubt sure that we wanted to get married in Fayetteville.
Its where we went to school,


fell in love,

you get the idea, but where would we get married??

Reece and I love the U of A and everything about Fayetteville -dates at US Pizza, the Fayetteville Square at Christmas, and of course, the Razorbacks. During school he was very involved in Greek Life and I could (and still can be) found at every athletic event "Callin' the Hogs." We met on the football field for goodness a wedding on campus in Fayetteville seemed perfect.
After I convinced Reece that it was okay to sweat a little on your wedding day, we booked June 26th on the turn-around overlooking Old Main Lawn at Carnall Hall.

During my Pi Phi years I walked from the sorority house at the end of Maple street to the campus. Each day I walked up the hill and cut across the turn-around at Carnall Hall. I can remember seeing couples taking wedding pictures there and always looked forward to the tulips that bloom outside every Spring.
Little did I know that I would be getting married at that exact spot 5 years later! From the window of the Bridal suite, you can even see the Pi Phi house...positively perfect.
We love Fayetteville...the time we spent at the U of A...and can't think of a more meaningful place to get married.

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  1. From one "old" Pi Phi to a "young" Pi Phi, Best Wishes. We have watched Reese grow from a baby to a handsome successful young man. We hope the two of you will be very happy. Kitty and Jay Baker