Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fun at Nana & Poppy's

While looking at pictures from my Mom's camera, I found quite a few funny memories from Christmas 2007.
First we have have Dad...catching a few "zzz's" after a big lunch...

Hmmm....Darby and I thought. What could we do for fun?

I know...Mom's camera!

After making sure Dad was really asleep, Darby decided to take advantage of the situation...

Not ever being one that likes to be left out...I joined in on the fun...

(Notice that Dad hasn't moved yet...)
Oh wait...it gets better.

Shame on you Darby...

Can't a man take a nap in peace??...the answer to that is well, no. :)

Fast forward to Christmas 2008...

See a pattern??
Big meals+big naps= family fun!

Think twice before catching any zzz's around me and Darby...muuahahahaha!

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