Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reece Baker Bailey

I've blogged about him, but never formally introduced my wonderful boyfriend, Reece.

We met our sophomore year at the University of Arkansas. He was in charge of the real, razorback mascot and me...well I rode on the trailer, on top of the mascot. I know, confusing and a little strange. But that's how it's done in Arkansas. Anyways...back to the story. Well see Reece is quite an attractive man. I flirtatiously shook my poms and made eye contact with "Tusk Boy"-as all the pom girls called him-for nearly two years. Rumor has it, he was "eyeing" me as well. As fate would have it, we formally met January of our Junior year. After a "Rock Star" function, dinner & a movie, and a snow storm, we were a couple. And...we have been together every since. What a guy that Reece Bailey is. I am one lucky woman. I love you, Reece.

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  1. Hey, I know him!
    Glad you're posting again!